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Run with love

We love running. And running reminds us of our freedom and power.

You and I are blessed with both freedom and power. We can use our power. We can choose love. We can Run with Love. For every T-shirt sold, we're donating 10 EUR of the price to UNICEF Sweden. This is our way of using our power. Go ahead and make a statement! Run with Love! 


Buy the Run with Love T-shirt

 Run with Love is a charity project by Swedish Running Community Pace on Earth. Love Running!

Show the world that you care. Let's change the world by Running with Love. When you buy the T-shirt, we donate 10 EUR to UNICEF.
The Run with Love T-shirt is made from 100% Eco Friendly organic cotton. Wear it with love and pride. 

Run with Love T-shirt
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Freedom is having the power to rule your own life. Food, shelter, clean water and safety — things that everyone on this planet is entitled to. You and I. We are the ones blessed with freedom and power. We have the power to change.

Choose Love. Always <3


Express Love

Today, more than ever, we need to express love. To live in harmony with nature and all human beings on this planet may not be the easiest task, but the most important one. Acts of kindness and trust, and to love and care for one another, will always overcome hate and fear. So let’s spread the energy of love (and running)! 

This is why we Love Running

In both Love and Running, we challenge ourselves. And in every challenge there is a possibility for change. If you manage to go outside of your comfort zone, even if it’s just in running, you continue through life with the new experience that you can grow. And change things to the better, and who knows, maybe together we can change the world?

Why "Run with Love”?

We hope to inspire you to keep running, and to share the warmth and energy you get from running. From being brave, from achieving your goals and from growing. 

We hope to inspire you to Run with Love.

Ellen & Johnny, Pace on Earth